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Specialist Personal Training

To ensure the highest level of service and experience is offered to all clients at Better Bodies UK, I am a highly qualified specialist Personal Trainer who regularly runs clinics for GP Exercise Referral, Management of Lower Back Pain, Cardiac Rehab and Rehabilitation of Injuries.

Different medical conditions demand different approaches to training and with a personal approach to your individual condition I will ensure that any exercise prescription is unique for your requirements and demands allowing you to meet your objectives and achieve results.

GP Exercise Referral

GP Exercise Referral is a specific and formalised programme whereby a medical professional will have made a recommendation for referral to a fitness programme tailored to your presenting condition.

Exercise for the Management of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects 1 in 3 adults in the UK every year, which means nearly everyone, is affected by it at some point during their lives. For most people the back pain is acute and symptoms can often disappear in a short period of time but for some they can persist and become a chronic problem.

Phase IV Cardiac Rehab

Phase IV Cardiac Rehab is often referred to as the maintenance phase following a cardiac event and emphasizes the long-term lifestyle changes that you may require including taking regular exercise.

Treatment of Injuries and Rehabilitation

Any injury caused through sports or exercise can be very frustrating whether you are a professional sports person or a regular exerciser and my approach is to not only help you through your injury but to also look at whether this stems from long term issues such as weak tissues, postural imbalance and instability.

Cost of Treatments

Initial Consultation and treatment - £50 (approx 75-90 mins)
30 minutes - £20
50 minutes - £30
1 hour - £35

If you are interested in any of the Specialist Personal Training Sessions please click on contact us or the chat box to discuss further.

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